Tokaj wineries go primarily for Furmint when it comes to deciding what to plant or replant vineyards with. We have asked nineteen leading Tokaj wineries, including all the big players, about how large areas they are planning to plant with which grape varieties this year and in the coming years, and responses have revealed that Furmint is the grape of choice in over 82 per cent of the cases. This was, of course, a non-respresentative survey, yet, it still shows the obvious prevalence of Furmint and the high importance local growers attach to it for the future of the region. While Hárslevelű is still the second most popular grape with more than 13 per cent, the minor varieties, that is, Kabar, Zéta and Kövérszőlő, appear to be out of favour with the overwhelming majority of producers.

Furmint is a locally native grape variety that is estimated to account for around 66 per cent of all plantings in the Tokaj region (as of 2013). This strong pro-Furmint trend, however, does not mean that the share of this variety is expected to grow further very fast as current European planting rules only allow wine producing areas in EU member states to be expanded annually by a mere 1 per cent of the existing hectarage under vine.

The scions or grafts local growers use for planting often come from a collection of old Furmint clones that the Szepsy family have selected from some of their oldest vineyards.


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