A new version of the Tokaj botrytised wine bottle, with the Tokaj lettering in a modern Trajan font on the neck, is expected to become increasingly visible in the market as a growing number of producers have selected it for their bottlings in 2016. This version was created in 2014 to match the design of the Tokaj dry wine bottle, introduced in April 2012. Currently, the wines in most of these bottles come from the Szent Tamás Winery and Szepsy, the two companies that had it designed and offered it for use to all winemakers in the region. At the moment, no 375-ml version or one suitable for the Vinolok closure system is planned, although the mouth design allows this bottle to be used experimentally with Vinolok glass stoppers, according to the distributor.

With a shape that changed very little over the past hundered years, the region's standard botrytised wine bottle has now six different variants, which include two 500-millilitre ones with no Tokaj signage that only differ slightly in height, one 500-ml version with the word Tokaj in an embossed seal on the neck, as well as this latest 500 -ml one. A 375-ml version without the Tokaj lettering is also available and used relatively widely, while wineries do not tend to buy the 250-ml variant, intended for Eszencia and/or restaurant use. The use of standard botrytised wine bottle is obligatory for the traditinal botryitsed wine styles wines such as Aszú, Szamorodni, Fordítás and Máslás.


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