In late December 2018, the Tokaj Wine Region’s World Heritage Site Management Plan (WHSMP) was finally enacted as a government decree, a year after its endorsement by Hungary's World Heritage Committee (HWHC). A Government Decision is expected to follow soon to delegate related tasks to the organisations involved.

The Plan provides an overall framework for safeguarding and enhancing Hungary’s only world heritage wine region and serves as the basis for what is called the World Heritage Site Management Manual (WHSMM), to be developed by the Tokaj Regional Development Non-Profit Company, the organisation currently in charge of WH management. The Manual will comprise specific action plans and is hoped to become a key document that will help steer both world heritage conservation efforts and regional economic development initatives in the Tokaj region.

The Tokaj Wine Region was inscribed on the UNESCO WHS list as a 'cultural landscape' in 2002. Work on the new WHS Management Plan started back in autumn 2013. The World Heritage Committee is a 21-strong body, mostly made up of representatives of various ministries, as well as of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, the Hungarian Academy of Arts, as well as two architects' organisations.


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