1st February has been declared World Furmint Day to celebrate the grape variety that is often hailed as Hungary's national grape and is native to the Tokaj region. The Furmint Day initative came from Dániel Kézdy, the man behind the Furmint February series of wine events and author of the book Tokaj: People and Vineyards.

Furmint shows the highest genetic diversity in Hungary's Tokaj Wine Region, which is a sign of it having evolved in this part of the world. With its first written mention dating back to 1611 in Erdőbénye, Furmint has been used in the production of Tokaji wines for centuries. It was certainly the region's most widely grown grape variety by the mid-19th century and was selected, along with Hárslevelű, as the main variety for the post-Phylloxera replanting that began in the 1890s. Furmint has by now grown to dominate some 66 per cent of all plantings in Tokaj and this dominance is being further strengthened with over eighty per cent of growers going for Furmint when they plant new sites.


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