Two hundred facsimiles of the Tokaj-Hegyalja Album, a major quadrilingual book on the Tokaj region, has been published by the Tokaj Foundation to celebrate the 150th anniversary of its original publication in 1867. This is the fourth reprint of the book after one in 1984 and two in 2001. The lithographic illustrations of the book and the 1865 geological map can be purchased separately. The book was shown to members of the press and a few select invitees at the Tokaji Bormúzeum (Tokaj Wine Museum in EN) in Tokaj town on 24th November.

Co-authored by Dr József Szabó and István Török, the Tokaj-Hegyalja Album set out to acquaint the world with the Tokaj Wine Region in 1867. The original Hungarian text was accompanied by translations into German, French and English, side by side on each double-page spread. The publication also stands out because of its beautiful illustrations of the Tokaj landscape and an apparently scientific approach, manifested in extensive tables, at the end of the book, filled with the results of chemical analyses of soil and wine samples taken from various sites and wineries. It includes a vineyard classification which is, however, more or less identical with Szirmay's 1789 classification.

The Tokaj Foundation was set up in 2014 by renowned Tokaj-based winemaker Zoltán Demeter, whose wife, Anett, is now managing the Foundation's many activities that by no means include the Tokaj Memorial Park project only, but also aim at fostering the production of quality photography and printing of postcards and placards using such photography, printing modern vineyard maps and reprinting historical maps and books (including József Szabó's geological map of 1865), creating a regionally unified design for vineyard signage, as well as providing regular opportunities for local stakeholders to meet and discuss the hottest topics in the Tokaj region.


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