Unlike last year, Tokaj began this year's harvest at the usual time, with most producers starting with Sárgamuskotály (aka Muscat Blanc) for dry wines and Furmint for sparklers in late August. The harvest now continues with the picking of Furmint and Hárslevelű grapes for dry still wines.

Abundant rainfall in April and May replenished soil water reserves that had been diminished by the drought of 2018, but the flowering luckily took place in a dry early June. The summer then saw hot, dry days be interspersed with rainy spells, which often resulted in a damp, humid environment in the vineyards, which naturally favoured the growth of mildews, including even downy mildew that otherwise rarely becomes a major problem in the Tokaj region. This meant that while the summer was rather challenging from the pest control point of view, acidity levels remain high in slowly ripening grapes and, barring an unfavourable turn of weather, growers can expect an outstanding vintage that may well be on par with 2013 or 2017.


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