Four stars of the Tokaj winners to date of the Winemaker of Winemakers' Award make up the Tokaj Winemaker's Walk of Fame in front of the gate to the municipal theatre in Tokaj town. The formal inauguration of the Walk took place on 20th September, with speeches by the award's founder, the mayor of Tokaj, as well as by winemaker Zoltán Demeter whose Tokaj Foundation had initiated a 'Tokaj-specific version of the Winemaker's Walk of Fame, the full version of which is found in Budapest. Out of Hungary's twenty-two wine regions, Tokaj boasts the most awardees, namely, Zoltán Demeter (2007) István Szepsy (2009), Stéphanie Berecz (2014) and András Bacsó (2016). More stars are expected to be added in the years to come, as Tokaj continues to have strong candidates for the award.

The Winemaker of Winemakers Award was established in 2007 by marketing professional, media personality and winery owner Pál Rókusfalvy. The selection process is fairly straightforward; previous winners of the award select 50 candidates who then choose the winner from among themselves through two rounds of voting. Winning the award is the highest recognition of Hungary's winemaking profession. In 2017, ten stars were placed in Zrínyi Street in downtown Budapest to create a Walk of Fame for all awarded winemakers.



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