Having been housed in a rundown building unworthy of the significance of the work they do for the region since 2011, the Tokaj region’s Research Institute for Viticulture and Oenology has moved into a newly-built centre, which is now complete except for some furniture and equipment inside and landscaping outside. Its 650-square-metre floorspace accommodates offices, three laboratories, as well as a state-of the-art tasting room, dedicated to the biweekly sessions of the Tokaj Wine Tasting Panel, the body that does organoleptic assessment of all Tokaj PDO wines before their release to the market. This latter body operates under the aegis the Council of Wine Communities, the central administrative and advocacy organisation for winemakers in the region, which is going to move their seat from Tokaj town to this building as well, making the village of Tarcal the epicentre of wine industry-related research and administration in the Tokaj region. 

Designed by architect Ferenc Salamin, the new building perfectly blends with the late-18th-century mansion next door. The mansion, which belongs to the Institute, will also be soon renovated and repurposed to offer conference, exhibition and event spaces for both the Institute and the Council of Wine Communities.  


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