Royal Tokaji's Szent Tamás single-vineyard Aszú 6 puttonyos 2013 has scored 100 points in Wine Enthusiast to become the first Tokaji wine to have ever done so. Tokaji Eszencias have achieved this feat before, but Eszencia, the free-run juice of individually handpicked botrytised berries with residual sugar above 450 g/L and a minuscule alcohol level, is not a real wine and, as such, plays in its own unique league, which makes it is easier for international wine judges to throw a hundred at it. Aszú, however, is a real wine that is absolutely comparable with natural sweet wines from other wine regions of the world, most of which produce their 100-scorers at a price point significantly higher than the average 60 EUR you can buy this Aszú for in Hungary. Outstanding as it is, this wine is definitely not the only 100-point Aszú out there, and the future will certainly see more and more be awarded 100 out of 100, the score lots of them are actually worthy of.

Royal Tokaji's winemaker at the time was Fruzsina Osváth, a young female oenologist, whose first vintage at the company was 2013, and one of the very first Aszú wines of her career was this 100-point one (!). Sadly, she no longer works in the Tokaj region. The credit also goes to Wine Enthusiast contributor Jeff Jensen who had the courage to give this wine the score it truly deserves, and thus help break the long-standing invisible barrier to returning Aszú to its deserved place in the world of fine wines.


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