Mostly themed tastings stole the show from musical concerts at the fourteen wineries that opened their doors to festival-goers at this year's Wine Shine Bénye between 13th and 16th August. The themes ranged from single-vineyard Hárslevelű and Furmint varietals to sparklers and Aszú wines. The turnout was just as good as last year, and the atmosphere as amazing as ever.       

The charming village of Erdőbénye (colloquially abbreviated to Bénye) has since 2009 been home to Wine, Shine, Bénye (Bor, Mámor, Bénye in HU), probably the Tokaj region's best wine and music festival. Makeshift stages and outdoor lounges in the gardens of over a dozen local wineries create the setting for the festival's familiar and laid-back atmosphere, bringing the audience as close as possible to performers and winemakers alike.


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