In a decision published in the National Journal, Hungary's official public record, on 11th November, the Hungarian government committed a total of 149.516 billion HUF [approx. 416 million EUR] of development funds to the Tokaj and Zemplén region. While the area specified in the decision encompasses the entire Zemplén Mountains whose south the Tokaj Wine Region occupies, Tokaj's 27 towns and villages will certainly greatly benefit from the programme, to be implemented until the end of 2024.

Attached to the decision is a list of 16 projects and objectives, making it clear that over 38% per cent [57.5 billion HUF/147 million EUR] of the total will go to the reconstruction and resurfacing of roads, including vineyard access roads, something te region badly needs. Other major projects/objectives are ‘Cycle Path Construction’ [13.35 billion HUF/37 million EUR], ‘Improvement of Accommodation and Culinary Facilities’ [12.65 billion HUF/35 million EUR],  ‘Townscape Renewal’ [10.615 billion HUF/29.5 million EUR], as well as a slightly vaguely defined ‘Tourism Development’ [22.51 billion HUF/62.5 million EUR].

The decision, which is in keeping with the status of the Tokaj region as a Government-designated Growth Area, puts Government Commissioner for the Tokaj-Zemplén Regional Development György Wáberer (appointed back in July), along with the Tokaj Regional Development Council, in charge of implementing the programme.

A similar government funding decision was last made nearly four years ago.


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